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About Me



I received my undergraduate degree in English from the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs (UCCS) following my graduation from Woodland Park High School. After working in a different career field, I returned to UCCS to complete a graduate program in Curriculum and Instruction while obtaining my license to begin teaching.

My first two years of teaching, I worked in Colorado Springs with District 11 teaching high school English as well as Reading Intervention classes. This 2019-20 school year is my fifth year teaching at the secondary level and the third year with the staff of Calhan Middle School.

Course Overview

At the middle school level, I teach four sections of English/Language Arts (ELA) for our 7th and 8th grade students as well as an elective. The ELA classes are designed to give students a variety of texts to read, as a class and independently, opportunities to practice basic grammar skills and collaboration in groups, and time to work on the craft of writing and communication. To start the school year off, the elective I am offering to our middle school is based in Storytelling Games, giving students an opportunity to explore the history of a specific facet in the gaming world, and to study characterization, storytelling, and world building. Additionally, at the high school level, I teach the Drama class. Not necessarily attached to the productions, this class will explore the history of theater, different approaches to acting, the work behind set and lighting design, and will study various plays and scripts.