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Mr. Donovan Mitchell » 2019-2020 School Year

2019-2020 School Year

Dear Calhan Community, 
My name is Donovan Mitchell and it is with great pride and excitement that I assume the role of Secondary Principal for Calhan School District.  As a 3rd-generation Calhan High School graduate, I am honored to serve in the same district where I was raised, taught, challenged, and nurtured. The opportunities that the people of Calhan offered me helped to propel my life in a positive direction, ultimately bringing me back to serve those in the Calhan family.  
Through building and maintaining positive relationships, I aim to inspire our teachers to daily instruct at a high level and facilitate expectations of excellence in all that we do.  We will teach students that education is not something that happens "to" them, but something that they choose to do for themselves through the guidance, assistance, struggle, persistence, and love of themselves and others.  We will show students that every struggle is an opportunity to get better, and true excellence doesn't come without struggle.  Our staff will demonstrate to our students that positivity and proactiveness are much better life skills than complaining and complacency.  
Calhan Middle and High School will continue to create an environment built upon respect, discipline, grit, and the building of relationships.  We invite you and your family to help us with this venture as we partner together to teach and raise the coming generations to become confident and healthy contributors to society.  Thank you for your support of Calhan School District and I very much look forward to the upcoming school year.  
Most Sincerely, 
Donovan Mitchell
Calhan Secondary Principal